Thor: Ragnarok a 5 out of 5 Review

If you want to see the best Thor and Hulk film to date check out Thor: Ragnarok in theaters this Friday. Taika Waititi shows us a more fun Thor who is forced into a battle of survival and meets some familiar green dudes along the way.  

For some moviegoers the amount of comedy in this action film may be a put off. Don’t fall into that trap, the comedy serves the nobility of Thors character. A giant arch of growth that brings his character full circle. Forcing him to make a choice you will have to watch to understand.

Hulk is a beast as always in this film and for the first time he is a character and not just a CGI thing destroying other CGI things. You will find yourself routing for this big guy you are finally getting to know.

I gave Thor: Ragnorak a 5 out of 5 in my nerdverse scale. It is smart, funny, and emotionally gripping.  Does it beat out Winter Soldier or Civil War? No, but it holds its own again as the best Thor film to date.

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