Justice League is… So Happy

by Cory Naught

Justice League with its thin plot and some meh CGI aside was such a fun romp into the DC Universe. Gone is the depressed tone of BVS and in is the Joss Whedon wit that made the Avenger films so great.

I’m confused as to why Whedon did not get more than just a writing credit.  As this film feels distinctly more Whedon than Snyder. The only thing seemingly still in the film that feels Snyder esq. is the plot line. Everything else is wholly in my opinion a work of Joss Whedon.
On to the film itself. Simply put, fun. The chemistry between the Leagues characters makes up for the unfixed CGI and the thin plot. The Ezra Miller’s Flash steals the show, again, and again. The Flash is the levity the DCEU needed ions ago.
Everyone else did their jobs well and made a story filled with holes feel fluid. As many others have said, this is an excellent jumping off point for the DCEU.
I give Justice League a 3.5 out of 5, a solid showing that could have benefited from a delay.

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