The Foreigner Review

Martin Cambell created one of Jackie Chan’s best films in The Foreigner but lost this movie pundit in the last quarter of the film with an overly complicated finish to a pretty straight forward plot.

Jackie Chan looks his age in The Foreigner but his fighting style as always hits and hits hard. Pierce Brosnan plays his part well but his through-line takes a weird twist near the end that really ruins a film that should have center solely on Chan’s, Quan Ngoc Minh  dealing with the death of his daughter.

Revenge flicks are a dime a dozen but there is something about this film that seems very special to me. Jackie Chan isn’t getting any younger and it his time as an action star is fading; so I take every opportunity to enjoy him work. As father I took the Chan’s emotion first three quarters of the film as very genuine. I felt his pain and that takes some acting chops to warrant that emotion from me.

Is The Foreigner a classic, no. It is a good film and one you should catch in theaters. I give this film a 3.5 out 5.

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