Blade Runner: 2049 Sprints Past the Original

Denis Villeneuve didn’t just honor the original Blade Runner (The Final Cut, there is no other), Blade Runner: 2049 surpasses the original by creating a story so riveting that this popcorn loving sci-fi nerd never left his seat or crunched a single kernel.

Ryan Gosling turns in a performance that is the glue that keeps this slow burning masterpiece together. Throw in a Robin Wright being stellar as Robin Wright is known to be. Jared Leto making us forget about the mess that was Suicide Squad. Last but by no means least Harrison Ford making the audience remember that some things just get better with age.

I was surprised by this film. I honestly came into it with zero expectations. I wasn’t blown away by the original but I completely understood its place within the science fiction hierarchy. Blade Runner: 2049 is beautiful. The cinematography is breath taking. Each set piece felt larger than life. I wouldn’t want to live in this distopian future but good lord it looked pretty damn cool.

I can’t wait to watch this film again, and again, and again. Hats off to Denis Villeneuve.  To beat Ridley Scott at his best is a feat amongst itself. A solid 10 out of 10.

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