Wonder Woman – Review

The Dark Knight has an equal partner in the DC family of films. Wonder Woman has come at the right time for a world that has become overwhelmingly complicated in the post-9/11 mindset. Gal Gadot showed an innocence and strength playing a character newly birthed into to a world on fire. World War I is the perfect backdrop to mirror the issues that plaque us today. Patty Jenkins has created a film that will inspire not just young girls but will show all sexes the power that lies within women.

The action sequences are picture perfect. Chris Pine comes to bat as an actor and perfectly portrays a spy with a mission…. to stop a war at all costs. Wonder Woman flows perfectly from beginning to end. The score is powerful and accentuates each scene in the film.

I was blown away by the Wonder Woman. I give it a 4.5 out 5. It is film that left me wanting to see more of this heroes journey. Hats off to Patty Jenkins. A wonderful film.

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