Alien: Covenant Review

by Cory Naught

Ridley Scott needs the keys to the Alien franchise taken away from him. Alien: Covenant was a terrible film. Its horror moments were few and far between, the female protagonist Daniels was weak, and the ending fell flatter than flap jacks falling on the kitchen floor.

I decided to bring my wife, a devout Alien franchise fan to the film for an early Mother’s Day gift and she was beyond disappointed in what this franchise had become.  This two-hour film seemed to meander on painfully trying to explain away its predecessor Prometheus. It also fell curse to the dreaded middle film disease. It’s surprise twist that everyone in the theater saw coming was used to setup a sequel that I feel after what promises to be weak box office receipts should not be made.

Bright spots? Michael Fassbender shined as David and Walter but his performance could not tread enough water to save a very weakly written and directed Alien film.

This is the first film in my reviewing career that I found extremely disappointing and not worth the price of admission. I give Alien: Covenant a 2 out of 5.

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