Suicide Squad, Spoiler Free Review

Suicide Squad was an exciting ride through the psyches of some really messed up criminals. What stands out to me is that the most crazed psychopath in this film isn’t one of the crew of jail birds. It is Amanda Waller a U.S. Intelligence Officer who has a brilliant idea to assemble some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Her actions in this film cement her as the most evil ‘good’ guy ever in a DC film.

When you look at top performances, Jay Hernandez was brilliant as Diablo. The characters story stood out most to me. He was once a heartless criminal who would kill anyone. That includes women and children. His journey throughout the film is worth the price of admission.

suicide squad2

The rest of the cast did their jobs well. Even Jai Courtney was good (did I just say that???) as Boomerang. Killer Croc, Harley, Deadshot, Slipknot, Enchantress, and their leader Rick Flag along with Katana all made up a great team for Suicide Squad. I was pleasantly surprise by Jared Leto’s Joker who seemed to this nerd as a mix, of all the past performances. His laugh is still haunting my dreams.

Was this film perfect? No it was not. In a summer blockbuster of this magnitude you would expect the big baddie to be something of nightmares and that my friends wasn’t the case. You have the baddest DC bad guys, you have to do your best to showcase their talents. This is my only knock on the film. I loved absolutely everything else about it.

David Ayer truly has a huge hit on his hand and tracking data indicates that. Suicide Squad was a delight I score at a 3.8 out of 5.

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