Daredevil Season 2 Spoiler Free Review

I seriously don’t know how the folks over at Marvel are going to top this season of Daredevil. This season just like the last was adrenaline ride from beginning to end. Each episode flowed straight into the next much like Break Bad. The anticipation for what happens next was always there. With a newborn I have had time during the middle of the night to watch episodes and I have to tell you. Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal put on performances that have elevated what I expect from a comic book based television show.


Iron who? Captain who? Could Daredevil really overshadow his bigger budgeted brothers? The answer is yes, to a fault. I forgot about Captain America: Civil War while I was watching this series. Simply put, when I was reaching the last episode all I was thinking about was how this season will tie into Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist. Not to mention Jessica Jones. Marvel has an interesting and enviable problem on their hands. That is too many GREAT characters.


Necessity is the mother of invention. Marvel set out to make a splash with their Netflix lineup and they have pulled every inch of gold out of the limits a television budget allows. I am simply in awe that such a visceral season came from a Disney own brand. This Punisher is cold and unforgiving. He gives no shits. Jon has this John Wayne/Clint Eastwood approach to this character. He’s the quintessential don’t give a crap gun slinger. He works perfectly in a world filled with so many complex and troubled characters. He is a simple man. Revenge is his motive. If you aren’t a target, just make sure to stay out of his way. Mr. Bernthal better have a series order on his way now. This man just pulled off the most violent comic book character next to Deadpool and made it look poetic.


If you haven’t plopped down on the couch and watched Daredevil, do yourself and favor and mark out 3 days on the calendar. This binge worthy show is well worth it!!

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