Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A Fifth Viewing


There are a few films that seem to truly work in all phases. After my 5th viewing I am convinced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens simply works in all phases. There is not a single acting performance that is Oscar worthy but each actor does the job well. Although, Adam Driver is very convincing as a man struggling with the pull of light vs. dark. He deserves a pat on the back for creating such an interesting character that could have easily come across as cliche.

The settings are all breathtaking. The pacing of the film is balanced. The score, well… John Williams is an amazing composer. The score plays as much a role in making this film work as any of the actors do. The emotion conveyed by each piece is pure cinematic beauty. Han Solo and the Princess is a theme that moves the heart of this picture. The score put so much power behind each scene. Such a rare feet in modern cinema. I am in awe of how John Williams can still do it!

The drum of this chapter of the Star Wars saga is ever apparent a story of abandonment. Luke has abandoned everyone. Ben Solo has abandoned the light. Han and Leia have abandoned each other, and someone…. well… someone abandoned Rey.

What will come next? Training and a lot of it. The true introduction to Snoke. The continuing saga of Luke Skywalker. What the hell happened to C-3PO’s arm? Whatever happens, it seems by the numbers that we will all be there to watch it happen. To see a film take hold of the world like this is AMAZING! Over 800 million in a week? There must be a ticker tape parade going on at the offices of Lucas Film and Disney.

I am happy to have experienced this film in so many different venues. When you hear people cheer and gasp with each emotional swell of a film, it is just inspiring. I haven’t seen such a reaction to a blockbuster in years. I’m use to walking in to a theater on opening weekend and seeing each seat sold out for a good flick. To see that the following week, when the film is sold out on 7 of 12 screens. Well that is, AWESOME! An event like this will not happen again, any time soon. I am in complete awe of the world’s reaction to this film. It seems that society needed a break from the struggles of reality. A journey to the stars seems to be adventure the world needed.

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